Is it all legal and above board?

Of course! But this is something ​we’ve been asked before, and it’s understandable - Openr is a new way of sharing and every new technology has lots of business-related questions. As such, we’ve investigated this question with our legal team at Mathys & Squires and their recommendations are quite simple – as long as our software presents original content without changes, as close to its original format as possible, in the form it was publicly published by content producer, there is no copyright infringement issue.

The way that our technology works means that as a user you’re never placing your message onto another person's content. The best way to think of it is like a window through which you see the original content: The browser is like the glass, and by using Openr you’ve popped a sticker on the glass, so that anyone who views your link looks through the glass and sees the sticker on the window and the content through the window. This way, it’s only the viewers that interact with your shared link that actually see your message with the content - not everyone seeing the content.

There are a small number of websites that request in their T&Cs that you don’t ‘frame’ their content in this way - so if you have a concern in this area we’d encourage you to check this. There are also certain websites (such as banks) which understandably have very high restrictions but when you use Openr the system will tell you think and give you options.

If you’d like to know more about the different ways we do this have a read [here] (detailed ‘How’ FAQ below).

Aside from copyright, the other possible issue is trademark infringement that could be caused by ​a ​user impersonating a brand or trademark without permission, hence our Terms and Conditions strictly forbid users using​ a false name or identity, to impersonate any person or business​. In practice it means that you can’t use someone else’s brand or trademark in your profile logo or profile name – as it would lead to termination of your account​. To facilitate this we have a clear and speedy take-down policy.


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