How is an Openr click on the call-to-action button attributed?

When an Openr viewer clicks the Action button on your Openr they are sent to the Action URL - usually this is your website, but it can be wherever you want to send traffic. The website log of this Action URL will record this visitor in the log files and the referral of this visitor will be recorded as the Openr link. This means that you can easily attribute traffic to your Action URL to Openr.

We also offer a range of Advanced Tracking parameters too - just get in touch to find out more.

From an SEO perspective for the click on the Action URL, the traffic to the Action URL will be recorded as a visit to that website and thus benefit that website. The weight of the click is usually shared between Openr and the Action URL but of course, no one (except Google) knows how this weight is shared, but  it seems the general view is it has little or no impact hence we believe that there is no difference to the Content URL website if it is linked directly or through Openr system.


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