Use your custom domain / vanity URL with your Openr profile

Custom domains allow you to use your own short domain / vanity URL instead of the standard Openr domain (i.e: instead of - which is great if you're using our white-label option within our Business or Enterprise package. Please remember, you can’t use the same domain name for your Openr account as for your website, due to limitations of domain delegation. 


  1. Acquire a new domain for using with Openr.
  2. Change the DNS settings for this domain to CNAME (usually your system administrator will do this for you).
  3. Wait until these domain name changes are propagated (which can take several hours). It’s very easy to check – when the changes are done correctly you will see the Openr website when you enter your short domain name as the URL). Once this is done you can proceed with your next step.
  4. Sign in to Openr and go to the Profile edit page (or add a new Profile); select the profile that you'd like to add the short domain to and scroll down to the “Additional info” area.  
  5. Expand this, and locate the “Custom domain” field. Enter your short domain name, click “Apply” and the system will check if your short domain points to the Openr server. If it does the domain will be applied and you just need to click the “Update profile” button to save it (or “Add new profile” if you were adding new profile).
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